Our Services

Service and Support for Seamless Implementation

Dedicated team of installation and service engineers at SFS comes with unparalleted diversity of experience from succuessfully implementing filtration solution for over 20 industry sectors.

Nationwide Sales & Service Network

Operator Training
SFS conducts regular training, at our training facility or your premises, for operators and maintenance personnel. The detail training helps to get the best performance from the system with minimal maintenance.

Annual Maintenance Contracts
SFS offers comprehensive range of services under AMCs which include routine maintenance, priority support for spares, operator training from time to time and other services.

The AMCs are focused on fine tuning the filtration units so as to maintain them at an optimum performance level, year after year, in spite of changes in your machine operator, plant conditions, machine performance etc.


• Modern technology application center
• Engineering center with CAD, solid modeling, simulation & analysis tools
• Strong design processes to manage version control of all technical, project & engineering documentation
• Dedicated team for ongoing R&D and specialized product development capabilities

• Dedicated team of highly experienced service engineers
• Nationwide support for all kinds of maintenance
• Well stocked spares and part manufacturing support
• Thorough documentation of parts and systems
• AMCs for highest and enduring performance

• Over 13,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art factory
• Manufacturing standardization and value engineering program for standard models
• Advanced quality assurance programs with highest benchmark for reliability
• Dedicated assembly area and thorough pre-dispatch inspection


As an exclusive, strategic partner for absolent and Filtermist in India. SFS provides a complete solution, starting from system engineering to after sales support.

Absolent Group operates globally producing air cleaning equipment for the machine tool business. With its headquarters in Lidkoping, Sweden, the Absolent Group is currently has three key brands - Absolent AB, Bristol & Filtermist. SFS has successfully engineered & serviced over hundred installations of Absolent's units in India  
Formed in Bridgnorth, Shropshire in 1969, Filtermist are Manufacturer, Supplier of oil mist collection units. With over 200,000 units in daily operation in over 60 countries, the company has won several awards for its achievements. SFS has installed and commissioned more than five thousand Filtermist products in Indian market.